Band members

Daniel William Fitzgerald - bandleader
Born: June 10 1933, Kingston, New York
Favorite food: Chinese
Musical instrument: Washtub bass

Was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany in the 1950's for three years in the U.S. Army. Studied Law at the Unversity of Brooklyn. Started traveling to Europe and Africa in between jobs working as a waiter at exclusive clubs in Manhattan. Sold clothes to make money in Europe. Started the "Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band" in 1979 for a trip to New Orleans.

Eugene Semyon Clarke
Born: Nov. 2, 1965 in Chapel Hill, N.C.
Favorite food: fried chicken, fried fish, cornbread and pizza.
Musical instruments: Trumpet and Piano

Began playing trumpet at age ten. Father played trumpet
and Mother played piano and cello. Listened to Al Hirt records and Miles Davis records. Played in the Durham
Community Band which consisted of older players. The
repertoire was mostly Sousa marches and show tunes
arranged for marching band. Also played in the Durhan Youth Symphony. As a teenager sat in with the NCCU jazz ensemble and UNC jazz ensemble. And jammed with local
jazz musicians Brother Yusef and Bus Brown at the Salaam
Culteral center in Durham. Was awarded outstanding soloist
at the UNC Jazz festival in 1984. Attended U.N.C. Chapel Hill
from 1985 to 1986 and studied trumpet with professor James Ketch. Went to Berklee for one year. Joined the band in Paris in 1990. Began playing piano for want of a guitar player in 1995.

David Alexander Shore
Born: August 3, 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden
Favorite food: Ice cream
Musical instrument: Guitar

Started busking on the streets of Nice in the summer of 2002 together with swedish friend Martin. Met up with Phil Jones, the famous Tommy Tortellini, Ben Mathews, Jay Medcaf and Didi Pipi and started the highly sofisticated band, the Gypsy Queens. After numerous fights the band split up. Instead joined the Lost Wandering Blues and Jazz Band since Danny and Gene had been occupying his apartment in Nice

Currently working with computers in Stockholm, but still plays with the band from time to time.

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Madeleine Peyroux - Singer/famous person
Born: 1974 in Athens Georgia
Favorite food: French baguette, soft cheese and espresso
Musical instrument: Guitar

Joined the band in 1990 at age 17 and couldn't get away ever since.

View a video clip of Madeleine singing at the UCLA farmers market in Los Angeles.

Frank Schaap
Born: May 5th 1952 in New York City, raised from an early age in the great state of Kentucky.
Favorite food: Fried flounder, Cocoa Krispies, and Vin Rouge (though not at the same time)

Toured the US of A for 15 years as a founding member of the Metropolitan Blues All-Stars. Went broke and moved to New Orleans and worked with the Royal Street Rounders for 4 years as buskers. Met Danny and his cast of characters and misfits sometime around then. Wrote the Grammy nominated song "Deep Mine Blues" for Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time in 2000. Went broke again. Moved permanently to France in 2002 where he performs solo and as a charter member of the Lost and Wandering Blues and Jazz Band. He remains broke.